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Ravens are members of the Corvis Family, a group which includes crows, jays and magpies. This group is thought to contain some of most intelligent birds.

Natural History

The Raven is a large, shiny, completely black bird. They occur throughout the west from low deserts and forests to mountains. They have an omnivorous diet, and consume: carrion, reptiles, amphibians, birds eggs, insects, plants, and when they can get it, human food and garbage.

The Raven in the photo was found mooching off the tourists in the Grand Canyon.

Ravens mate for life. During courting the male will attract the females attention by flying around the female, performing aerial acrobatics. The pair will nest in the spring, building a large nest of sticks, twigs and vines, usually in a tall tree or on a cliff edge. The female lays between 4-6 blotched, greenish eggs which take 3 weeks to incubate. Young leave the nest about 5 weeks after hatching.

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