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The author has hiked all of the trails on this site. When ideas for the hikes were obtained from other hiking books the source is referenced. I have done my best to provide accurate hike descriptions, however, I may have been day dreaming at a critical trail junction or you may not be able to follow road signs, let alone a faint trail. Some of these hikes are quite difficult & I bear no responsibility as to your fate should you choose to follow one of these trips. Future hikes will be posted to this site as new areas are explored.

       Road Conditions
       Date and Weather Conditions

       Required Skills

No reference is given for the difficulty of the hikes. The author tends to prefer longer, more strenuous hikes, however there is no reason many hikes in this Guide could not be made shorter by pulling in the turn around point (or longer for that matter if you just want to keep going). Difficulty is too subjective to provide any useful information, an easy 9 mile stroll through the Sonoran desert in January may be quite a struggle in the heat of the summer. In addition, be aware that weather, cows, development or other forces could greatly change conditions as described by the author. It is up to each hiker to know their own limits; when in doubt turn around.

Once again remember that this Guide is only a reference tool, it does not replace a map or your own good sense.  Please read the disclaimer in the 'Warning' page.  The solitude you are seeking comes with a risk.  When you are out in the middle of nowhere communing with the cacti make no mistake - you are on your own!

Coconino National Forest - AZ Southern Utah
A1. Casner Mtn. Loop F1. Bear Valley Loop Canyonlands National Park
A2. James/Kelly Canyon F2. Butterfly Trail #16      K1. Pictograph Loop
A4. Humphreys Peak F3. Elephant Head / Chino Canyon      K2. Chocolate Drop Trail
A5. Kendrick Mtn. F4. Esperero Loop      K3. Colorado River
A6. Lava River Cave F5. Finger Rock to Mt. Kimball                Overlook Loop
A7. Mt. Elden Loop F6. Hutch's Pool      K4. Horseshoe Canyon
A8. Munds Canyon F7. Italian Spring to Mica Mt. Capitol Reef National Park
A9. Sycamore Canyon Loop (upper) F8. Mt. Wrightson      L1. Lower Muley Twist Canyon
A10. Sycamore Canyon Loop (lower) F9. Pima Canyon Hikes      L2. Waterpocket Fold Narrows
A11. Pumphouse Wash F10. Pine Canyon Cedar Mesa
A12. Purge-A-Tory Canyon F11. Rincon Peak      M1. The Black Hole
A13. Tule Tank Wash F12. Romero Canyon Loop      M2. Cheesebox Canyon
A14. Weatherford Trail F13. Sabino Canyon Loop      M3. Fry Canyon
A15. Whitetail Tank Canyon F14. Saguaro N.P. West      M4. Henry Mt. Peaks
A16. Calf Pen Canyon F15. Seven Falls      M5. Natural Bridges N.M.
A17. Long / Bell Loop F16. Tanque Verde Ridge      M6. Sheiks / Bullet Canyon Loop.
A18. Meadow Canyon F17. Turkey Creek to Douglas Spring Grand Staircase Escalante
A19. Towel Creek Trail F18. The Window      N1. Big Horn Canyon Loop
A20. Trail #17 F19. Wilderness of Rock Loop      N2. Bull Valley Gorge Loop
A21. West Clear Creek Baboquivari Mountain Wilderness      N3. Calf Creek Falls
A22. Wet Beaver Creek      X1. Baboquivari Peak      N4. Cobra Arch & Middle Route
A23. Willow Valley Dragoon Mountain      N5. Cottonwood Narrows
A24. Woods Canyon Loop      X2. Cochise Trail      N6. Coyote Gulch
  Galiuro Mountain Wilderness      N7. Death Hollow
        X3. East Divide Loop      N8. Fortymile Gulch
Pinaleno Mountains      N9. Hackberry Canyon
B1. Badger Canyon      X4. Grant Creek Trail      N10. Mollies Nipple
B2. Bass-Boucher Loop        N11. Phipps Wash
B3. Cathedral Wash Tonto National Forest - AZ      N12. Red Breaks Canyon
B4. Deer Creek Hellsgate Wilderness      N13. Round Valley Draw
B5. Deer Creek Narrows        G1. Haigler Creek        N14. Stone Donkey Canyon
B6. Havasu Canyon        G2. Hellsgate Trail        N15. Yellow Rock Loop
B7. Jackass Canyon      G3. Houston Canyon North Wash
B8. Kanab Creek      G4. Tonto Creek      S1. Blarney Canyon
B9. Nankoweap Trail Mazatzal Wilderness      S2. Leprechaun Canyon
B10. New Hance Trail      H1. Barnhardt/Sandy Saddle      S3. Lucky Charms Canyon
B11. North Canyon      H2. Ballentine Trail      S4. Shillelagh Canyon
B12. Point Huitzal Route      H3. City Creek Loop San Rafael Swell
B13. Rider Canyon      H4. Copper Camp Loop      O1. Cistern and Ramp Canyons
B14. Rim to Rim Hike      H5. Deer Creek Loop      O2. Ding and Dang Canyons
B15. Royal Arch Route      H6. Divide Loop      O3. Goblin Valley
B16. Sevenmile Draw      H7. Mazatzal Peak      O4. Little Wild Horse and Bell 
B17. Shinumo Wash      H8. Mazatzal Mountain Loop                Canyons
B18. Soap Canyon      H9. Sheep Bridge Loop Zion National Park
B19. South Canyon Sierra Ancha Wilderness      P1. Angels Landing
B20. Spencer Trail      I1. Coon Creek Ruins      P2. Birch Hollow
B21. Tanner/Beamer Trails      I2. Cooper Forks Canyon      P3. Cable Mountain
B22. Tanner Wash      I3. Deep Creek Trail      P4. Englestead Hollow
B23. Tanner to Grandview      I4. Devils Chasm      P5. Keyhole Canyon
B24. Thunder River      I5. Hells Hole      P6. Kolob Arch via Hop Valley
     I6. The Jug of Salome Creek      P7. Kolob Arch via Lee Pass
Kaibab National Forest - AZ      I7. Moody Point Trail      P8. Kolob Canyon
C1. Gooseneck Trail      I8. Parker Canyons      P9. Misery Canyon
C2. Rainbow Rim Trail      I9. Parker Creek Trail      P10. Mystery Canyon
C3. Snake Gulch      I10. Pueblo Canyon      P11. Orderville Canyon
C4. Sycamore Rim Trail      I11. Reynolds Creek Trail      P12. Pine Creek Canyon
     I12. Workman Creek      P13. Pine Creek Falls
Prescott National Forest - AZ      I13. Workman Falls      P14. The Subway
D1. Alconquin Trail Superstition Wilderness      P15. Telephone Canyon
D2. Black Canyon      J1. Battleship Mountain      P16. Zion Narrows
D3. Castle Creek      J2. Coffee Flat Loop
D4. Granite Mountain      J3. Dutchman's Loop Miscellaneous - UT
D5. Pine Mt. Wilderness      J4. First Water Loops R1. Coral Pink Sand Dunes S.P.
D6. Trail #114      J5. Fish Canyon R2. Escalante S.P.
     J6. Haunted Canyon w/Loop R3. Kodachrome Basin State Park
Red Rock Secret Mt Wilderness - AZ      J7. Hieroglyphic Canyon R4. Manns and Tomaski Peaks
Sedona      J8. Horrell Trailhead Loop R5. Tukuhnikivatz, Peale & Mellenthin Peaks
     E1. Barney Springs Canyon      J9. La Barge Canyon
     E2. Bear and Doe Mts.      J10. Peter's Trail California
     E3. Brins Mesa Loop      J11. Reavis Falls Death Valley National Park
     E4. Jacks Canyon / Hot Loop      J12. Reavis Ranch Hikes      Badwater Basin
     E5. Loy Canyon      J13. Rogers Trough Loop #1      Darwin Falls
     E6. Oak Creek (West Fork)      J14. Rogers Trough Loop #2      Fall and Titus Canyons
     E7. Secret Canyon      J15. Siphon Draw      Golden Canyon/Gower Gulch
     E8. Sterling Pass to Vultee Arch      J16. Superstition Mtn. Ridge      Grotto Canyon
     J17. Tortilla Flat Canyons      Little Bridge Canyon
Phoenix and Vicinity      J18. Tortilla Trailhead Loop      Mosaic Canyon
     U1. Camelback Mountain      J19. Two Bar Ridge Trail      Natural Bridge Canyon
     U2. Cave Creek Rec Area      J20. Tule Trail      Panamint Dunes
     U3. National Trail      J21. Weavers Needle Summit      Racetrack Playa
     U4. Piestewa Peak      J22. Weavers Loop      Stovepipe Wells Dunes
     U5. Usery Mountain Tonto NF - Other      Ubehebe Crater
     U6. White Tanks Mountain      T1. Browns Peak/Amethyst Mine      Willow Creek Canyon
     T2. Pine Creek Narrows
Miscellaneous - AZ      T3. Christopher Creek Gorge Eastern Ranges - AZ
Q1. Agua Fria National Monument      T4. Cottonwood Canyon Trail S1. Bear Wallow Wilderness
Q2. Aravaipa Canyon      T5. Icehouse / Kellner Loop Hike S2. Blue River
Q3. Bill Williams River      T6. Picketpost Mountain S3. Gold Gulch
Q4. Chiricahua N.M.      T7. Picketpost South - AZ Trail S4. Mt. Baldy Wilderness
Q5. Cibeque Creek      T8. Rock Creek Loop
Q6. Coyote Buttes      T9. Seven Springs Rec Area Sierra Estrella Wilderness - AZ
Q7. Buckskin Gulch / Paria River Semi-Loop           Outer Loop V1. Montezuma Peak
Q8. Blue Pools Slot Canyon           Inner Trails V2. Quartz Peak
Q9. Devils Canyon      T10. Sixshooter Trail Loop Hike
Q10. Harquahala Mtns Wilderness      T11. Soldiers Camp Trail Eagletail Mountains Wilderness - AZ
Q11. Hassayampa River Canyon      T12. Sycamore Creek Y1. Ben Avery Trail
Q12. Horseshoe Bend Overlook Y2. Eagletail Peak
Q13. Kaiser Canyon Navajo National Monument
Q14. Kofa National Wildlife Refuge W1. Betatakin Ruins
Q15. Martinez Canyon W2. Keet Seel Ruins
Q16. Mount Ajo Summit W3. Other Trails
Q17. North Maricopa Mtns.
Q18. Paria River  
Q19. Picacho Peak State Park  
Q20. Rainbow Bridge  
Q21. Sawmill Canyon  
Q22. Table Top Wilderness      
Q23. White Canyon  
Q24. Castle Dome Peak  
Q25. Woolsey and Signal Peaks  
Q26. Horse Trail Route
Q27. Big Horn Peak
Q28. Saddle Mountain (Tonopah)
Q29. Burnt Mountain