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Kaiser Canyon

Summary: An easy hike in a nice desert area to some narrows, a warm spring and an old mine. The hike is located about 65 miles northeast of Wickenburg.
Directions: From Wickenburg, leave town heading northwest on Highway 93. Drive for about 65 miles, along the highway, passing an interesting Joshua Tree forest as you go. At a little over 5 miles after passing a sign for the Burro Creek Campground you'll drive across a large bridge spanning Kaiser Canyon. After crossing the bridge, and just after mile marker 135, turn right (north) onto a dirt road which will lead down below the bridge. Park anywhere.
Road Conditions: Passenger Car
Navigation: Easy
Length: Hike up canyon as far as you want.
The hike down the canyon to the warm spring is about 1.5 miles each way.
Date Hiked: January 2006
Weather Conditions: Sunny and Nice
Required Skills: None
Hike Description: From the parking area, find a route under the bridge and down into the canyon. To visit the narrows, head upstream to the left. The narrows are quite scenic and consist of stunning towering walls that rise hundreds of feet above the canyon floor. There are a few minor climbs to get up some drop offs, but nothing very difficult. Eventually the canyon walls fade away and the drainage becomes a wide sandy wash. Continuing upstream for 30 minutes or so, water appears, the canyon narrows once more and you'll enter a scenic, if brushy, riparian area. The source of the water is Kaiser Spring, which I had intentions of locating, but didn't quite make it due to the thick brush. When ready, retrace your steps to the bridge.
Walking down canyon, the wash is wide and flat. Eventually an old road enters from the right. The wash eventually becomes rockier and soon you'll reach Warm Spring which is surrounded by a shallow rock tub. According to a web source (those are always accurate .... aren't they?) the spring flows at 12 gallons per minute and comes out of the rock at 99o F (the pool itself is supposed to be 95o F). Continuing down canyon, you'll soon arrive at the confluence of Burro Creek. A short hike up Burro Canyon is worth the effort if you have the time. If you cross the stream and head up canyon you can pick up an old road on the hillside  on the right. If you follow the road up hill at a split you will arrive at the Burro Mine (which extends back into the hillside about 80 feet). You can also follow the road up Burro Creek around a corner where the creek runs through a nice box canyon. When satisfied with your explorations return the way you came.
Rating (1-5 stars):
The author and his wife hiked up canyon to a point near the Kelsey Spring, then hiked down to the warm spring, Burro Creek and the mine at a leisurely pace in 5.5 hours..
Maps: Click here for a map of the area.
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The narrows above the bridge.

Further up in the canyon near
Kaiser Spring.

Another view in the

The tub at the warm spring. Burro Creek. The Burro mine.