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Reavis Falls - Tonto National Forest

Summary: A surprisingly large gushing waterfall right in the heart of the Superstition Wilderness.  This one is a real gem if it's flowing.  I learned of this hike through the HikeArizona web site.  They have a pretty good write up and trip description, though the length of the hike is over inflated in my opinion (they list it as 17.5 miles, I'm guessing it's more like 13 or 14).
Directions: From Phoenix take US 60 east.  Exit at Apache Junction and drive northeast on State Highway 88.  Follow 88 to the end of the pavement (about 25 miles) then a few miles further until the road begins a steep decent into the canyon.  Once in the bottom continue driving until you see the sign for Reavis Ranch on the right hand side.  Turn right and follow this somewhat steep, but smooth and well graded road to the trailhead at the end.
Road Conditions: Passenger Car 
Navigation: Moderate: mostly easy to follow trail, but since there are no signs I'm rating this moderate.
Length: ~12 miles
Date Hiked: January 2001 
Weather Conditions: Chilly - highs in the mid 50's with fog, rain, sleet, sunshine, hail, snow then more rain, then the sun came back out, then the clouds rolled back in, then ........... you get the picture.
Required Skills:
Hike Description: From the signed trailhead begin hiking up the Reavis Ranch Trail on a smooth well graded path as it ascends moderately into the rolling hills of the eastern Superstitions. After about 2 miles you will reach a small pass after which the trail becomes somewhat rockier, though still ascends at the same moderate grade. This portion of the hike passes through grassy rolling hills up towards Castle Dome, the pyramid shaped mountain you see off to the right. Keep an eye on the left hand side (east) for a very distinct use trail (possibly marked with cairns) heading up the hill. The author arrived at this trail one hour after starting the hike. Turn left onto this unmaintained trail, though it is really in great shape and quite easy to follow for its entire length (it's actually in much better shape than many of the supposedly maintained trails in the Superstitions). The trail climbs moderately upwards, passing through a gate to a saddle, then begins descending down the other side. For the next hour the trail descends eastward at a moderate to steep grade down towards the drainages you see far below you.  Supposedly there are some Indian ruins about 1/2 mile down from the saddle, but the author searched and did not find them. Upon reaching the bottom the trail bends left and follows the stream bed a short ways passing across a small patch of poured concrete (in case you're not sure you are in the right place here's a landmark). The trail then crosses the stream (Lime Spring if you have your map handy), climbs a low hill then drops down the other side to the next drainage over (this one is Reavis Creek). Cross the creek then turn right and head upstream. In the first couple hundred yards you will pass some rather well established camp sites on creek right. The trail then fades somewhat just past the campsites, though there are lots of cairns marking the easiest routes as you rock hop, and bushwack your way upstream.  About 40 minutes from the campsites you will come to Reavis Falls. The falls are about 140 feet tall and cascade over a rough rock wall into a shallow pool below. This makes for a nice lunch spot. When ready, return the way you came. 
Rating (1-5 stars):
The author and his wife completed this hike at a leisurely pace in about 7 1/2 hours, stopping quite a few times to adjust clothing to compensate for the ever changing weather. It had rained considerably the day prior to our arrival (and quite a bit the day of our hike for that matter) which must have fed the falls as they were flowing strongly.  
Maps: Beartooth Maps - Superstition Wilderness Topographic Map
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Reavis Falls