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Leprechaun Canyon - Right Fork (Mile 28.1 Canyon) - North Wash, Utah

Summary: A nice technical canyon with 3 rappels and some sideways scraping along through a narrow twisty mostly shallow slot. To complete this canyon you will need 100 ft of rope, webbing, harness, helmet & descending gear. Leave the bolt kit at home, the canyon is not bolted and should be kept that way. Natural anchors may be used at all drops.
Directions: North Wash is located off of Highway 95, south of Hanksville, UT and north of the Hite Marina on Lake Powell. Drive on Highway 95 to between mile posts 29 & 28 (about mile 28.1). Pull off the pavement onto a short dirt road located on the east and park under some cottonwood trees (UTM 540933mE, 4207711mN).
Road Conditions: Passenger Car - paved all the way
Navigation: Difficult - you have to cross much slick rock to reach the entrance, and many drainages in the area look very similar. I suggest the use of a GPS & topo maps to avoid entering a canyon that may get you into trouble .
Length: ~3 miles
Date Hiked: June, 2002
Weather Conditions: Hot!
Required Skills:
Hike Description: Walk up the slick rock heading northeast. When you reach the top, you’ll see the drainage down to your left. Continue northeast towards point (542076mE, 4209300mN). Note: after following the drainage up a ways drop down and stay below the topmost cliff band as you contour your way around the canyon. If you wind up above the cliff band and these coordinates you might find it difficult to enter the drainage. Continue to contour around the drainage to the head of Leprechaun Canyon at (542161mE, 4209941mN).  Put on your harness & perform the first of many down climbs into the narrow crack before you. Rappel #1 is a 30' sloping rap from a small wedged chokestone on the floor. There is some more down climbing and narrows which will require you to walk sideways to pass & occasionally some wider sections to provide a break. Rap #2 is another 30 footer from another wedged chokestone followed by more twisty narrows. Soon you'll arrive at rappel #3 (30' from a sling around a rock embedded in the floor of a pot hole) which occurs directly above the confluence with the central drainage of Leprechaun. If you climb the slickrock bench to the right, just above rap #3 you can look up canyon at the boulder strewn deep, dark section of middle fork and just beyond to the point where the left fork enters (along with the right fork that you are in, these are the three primary drainages in the canyon & all provide canyoneering opportunities). Complete rap #3 to the junction with middle fork (much graffiti on the canyon walls in this area) and hike down canyon through a short, deep stretch of narrows (note the Mae West slot above your head), before the canyon widens and it's a short sand slog back to the road and your car. 
Rating (1-5 stars):
Thanks to Dave Black for leading my wife and I through this nice canyon. Dave is a master of the art of minimal impact canyoneering. His skills are ones that we should all aspire to. The canyon was completed in 4 hours.
Books: Technical Slot Canyon Guide to the Colorado Plateau - Michael R. Kelsey
Maps: Click here for a map of the area
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The head of right fork. The 1'st rappel.
Leprechaun narrows. The 3'rd rappel.