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Workman Creek Falls - Sierra Ancha Wilderness, Tonto National Forest

Summary: A nice 200 foot waterfall that you can visit right from your car. I suspect the best time to visit would be after heavy rains. Those more adventurous types can rappel the falls. For this stunt you'll need a 200 ft rope plus another 100 ft or so to back up the anchor, harness, descender and helmet. Be prepared to get a little bit wet, but that's part of the fun.
Directions: From Phoenix drive east on Highway 60 almost to Globe. Turn left (north) on Highway 188 (also listed as 88 on maps) and drive 14.4 miles to Highway 288. Turn right on 288 which is paved at first and after a short distance crosses the Salt River on a single lane bridge. After 12.2 miles you will come to an intersection with left branching A Cross Road. Continue straight on Highway 288 for approximately 12 more miles to just past mile marker 284 and a brown sign indicating a right branching road for the Workman Creek Recreation Area, Sierra Ancha Wilderness. Turn right and drive 3.2 miles up past several established camping areas to the head of the falls and several small pull offs.
Road Conditions: Passenger Car
Navigation: Easy
Length: It's up to you
Date Hiked: May 2004
Weather Conditions: Cool and sunny
Required Skills: None to view the falls
To rappel the falls
Hike Description: From the pull off at the head of the falls there is a good view point back down the road a short distance at an obvious rock outcropping which looks down into the large bowl that the falls plunges into. Be very careful when climbing on the rocks in the area though, they are smooth and slick, particularly if they get wet. You can also walk down the road a little further to a scree slope where the road makes a bend. From there it is possible to climb down the slope and walk around the base of the falls.
There are likely several options for those wishing to rappel the falls. The author rigged 2 ropes (one on either side of the falls for photos). Tow clips on my vehicle were used as the anchor point. The best rappel is to bring the rope from the clips of your car, across the stream bed, wind it around the base of the juniper tree at the head of the falls 3 times and rappel from there (note: its best to walk up stream a short distance when crossing the stream since the bank is less steep). The rappel is approximately 180 feet with 120 feet being free hanging.
Rating (1-5 stars): If the falls are flowing.
The author his wife and one other person spent 3 hours rigging and rappelling the falls and taking photos.
Books: None
Maps: Tonto National Forest, USFS (not a very good map)
Photos: Click picture for larger view, click your browser's 'Back' button to return to this page.
Workman Falls. Stunt rappel.
View across the falls.
(photo: Tom Kirch)
Taking a bit of a shower.