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Zion National Park Overview

Zion National Park encompasses 147,000 acres in south western Utah with elevations ranging from 3,640 to 8,726 feet.  The park, which was initially developed by the Union Pacific Railroad to promote tourism in the area, supports a wide assortment of plants and animal life and contains a rich environment of deep, narrow canyons, cool streams, mountains and red rock.  The park sees upwards of 3,000,000 visitors per year.  Though the vast majority never leave the pavement, the back country does see quite a bit of use, so take care to minimize your impact to the park during your visit.

Permits: All technical canyons in Zion N.P. require a permit. Permits are available for $5 each at the Backcountry Office located in the Visitors Center. You may only get a permit one day in advance of your hike so the rangers can provide weather information. Be aware that many canyons in Zion drain a large watershed. Flash floods are a real danger when heavy rain is in the forecast.

Showers: Head west on Highway 9 from the park into Springdale. Public showers are available for $3 at the small campground on the left.

Current information on the park, including weather, fees, directions and activities available are posted on the Zion National Park Service Page.