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The Coyote is probably the most famous mammal of the desert. It looks like a lean medium sized dog with a pointy face, big ears, long legs and a bushy tail. Its coat ranges from brown to gray with a pale underbelly. An adult coyote typically weighs between 15-25 pounds.

Natural History

Coyotes can be found throughout the desert southwest. They are very adaptable and can survive in all types of desert habitats, including cities. The coyotes adaptability extends to its diet as well. Their diet includes: cactus fruit, mesquite beans, seeds, birds, rodents, rabbits, insects, lizards and snakes.

The Coyote is prominently featured in Native American myths as the Trickster or Wise One.

Coyotes are social animals and mainly live in small groups. They will mark their territory and defend it against other groups. They typically breed in February and March with young born in April and May. Young are reared in dens and may remain with their parents past adulthood. Coyotes communicate with each other by howling and will typically sing a song around dusk as they prepare for the evening's hunt.

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