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Canyon Treefrogs

The canyon treefrog is small frog with highly variable pattern and color. It is typically brown with darker irregular blotches and spots that enable it to blend in with its surroundings.

Natural History

The canyon treefrog is found throughout the southwest, mainly in southern Utah, western New Mexico, southwest Texas, all but western Arizona and northern Mexico at elevations up to 9800 ft. The animals spend their lives close to water and mainly live in riparian areas in rocky canyons. They are typically found along streams among medium to large boulders. The canyon treefrog can function at cooler temperatures than many frogs, however, when it gets too cold it protects itself by retreating underground.

Canyon treefrogs are well camouflaged and usually do not move until you are right on top of them (watch your step in treefrog country!).

The treefog eats insects of various kinds. It breeds in July and August during summer rains as well as in the spring. The males croak loudly to attract females to breeding sites. Eggs are laid in a large mass that floats on the surface of the water. 

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