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Senita Cactus

Natural History

Senita Cactus is a member of the Cactus Family. It is once of the larger cactuses and grows in clumps up to 15 feet in diameter with stems reaching up to 21 feet in height. Stems have from 5 - 9 ribs with spines lining each rib. As they age the spines at the tops of the stems become longer (up to 3 inches) than those at the bottom (which are typically 3/8 inches), giving the cactus a grey, hairy headed appearance which lent the plant its name (Senita means "old one" in Spanish). The plant typically grows in sandy desert areas in southwestern Arizona at elevations between 1000 - 2000 feet.

The Senita Cactus is also known as a Whisker Cactus or Old Man Cactus.

The Senita Cactus blooms between April - August and produces pale pink flowers to 1.5 inches in width which open at night, followed by a red, egg-shaped fruit to 1.25 inches in length.

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