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Claret Cup Cactus

Natural History

Claret Cup Cactus is a member of the Cactus Family. The plant grows to 6 inches in height and has green to bluish-green stems to 1.5 inches in diameter with 9-10 ribs and spines to 2.5 inches in length. The plant typically grows in crowded clumps open, rocky areas at elevations between 4000 - 9000 feet.

The Claret Cup Cactus is also known as: claret cup hedgehog, mound cactus and king's cup cactus.

Claret Cup Cactus blooms between May - July and produces red to red-orange cup shaped flowers with a bright green stigma in the center to 1.5 inches in width. Flowers are followed by a 1 inch fruit.

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