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Arizona Bugbane (Actaea arizonica)

Natural History

Arizona Bugbane is a member of the Buttercup Family. It grows from 3-6 feet in height and has broad, green, leaves with three toothed leaflets that grow to about 5 inches in length. Most of the known populations are located along canyon bottoms and lower canyon slopes (at times under overhangs) in association with Douglas fir, white fir, bigtooth Rocky Mountain maple, and sometimes aspen. The plant grows in moist, shady areas in only a few localities in Arizona at elevations between 6300-8300 feet.

Arizona Bugbane is a rare plant that has very narrow habitat restrictions. It exists in only four small population areas in Arizona. All known populations are located within the Coconino, Kaibab and
Tonto National Forests. It is not Federally protected.

Arizona Bugbane blooms between July - August and produces a long flower stalk that is lined with petal-less white flowers.

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