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Toumey Agave (Agave toumeyana)

Natural History

Toumey Agave is a member of the agave family. This small agave has light green leaves to 8 inches in length with white threads along the edges and a very sharp point. Leaves grow from a central location to form a compact, circular rosetteof 100 or more leaves at maturity. The plant grows on rocky slopes in chaparral at elevations between 4000 and 5000 feet.

The agave was named after James W. Toumey who was dean and a professor of the Yale University School of Forestry until his death in 1932.

Toumey Agave blooms only once during its lifetime. When the plant reaches maturity,  it produces a large flower stalk, which grows to 6 feet in height. The stalk produces an elongated cluster of green or pale yellow flowers to 1 inch in length between May and July. After blooming, the plant begins to whither and die.

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