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Trip Report: ACA Arizona Rendezvous 9/04 (page 1)
All photos by Todd unless otherwise noted.

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Our next installment begins at the American Canyoneering Association Rendezvous in Globe, Arizona. Those familiar with the life of author Edward Abbey might recall that he worked as a fire lookout on Aztec Peak just north of Globe (which he called 'Glob') in the Sierra Anchas.

This fact notwithstanding, the group realized somewhat belatedly that there are, in fact, no canyons whatsoever in Arizona, so we pick up and drive to what may someday become the center of the canyoneering world ............ Iowa, USA! For those that must know where these canyons are, from downtown Boone, Iowa head west on Highway 30. Take a left at the big box store, hang a right at the corporate hog farm, hang a right at the third corn field and park next to the big crop circle.

Some hiking across the grassy plains eventually brings us to a canyon. The first rappel is a tad on the moist side. John, who actually IS made of sugar, sadly dissolves before reaching the bottom.
Andy fares a little better as he goes through the wash and rinse cycle.
John didn't really dissolve. Here he is at the second rappel getting ready for another dousing.
Extra style points are awarded to those who manage to keep their feet dry.
With the wind rustling through the corn and the cows lowing in the distance, the ACA sponsored rainbow arrives right on cue and the crew slogs its way back to the cars across the plains near Des Moines.
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