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Trip Report: Spring Break '05 (page 2)
All photos by Todd unless otherwise noted.

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Participants: Tom J, Tom G, Tom W, Aaron, Megan, Todd & Steph
One more photo in this section of the canyon for those who like to live vicariously through my hella-X-treme adventures. This web site presents a bit of a skewed view I'm afraid, these trips are merely a brief respite from the regular work-a-day-butt-in-chair-staring-at-a-computer-screen-dreaming-of-hella-X-treme-adventures sameness. Ok, last use of the 'hella' modifier, I promise.
Here's the 5th waterfall, for those keeping track of our progress up the canyon.
Many canyons are merely cracks in the earth, West was created on a larger scale. The gorge opens up a bit to reveal some big sandstone walls.
Oh, you wanted to see photos of others in the group? Not sure that's really a good idea, but I'll swing the camera their way.
See, I warned you.  Can't take these AZ canyoneers anywhere (to be completely accurate, there's one of them UT folk in there also, I'm not saying he's the instigator, but you know 'one bad apple' and all).
Walls streaked with desert varnish make for a nice scene.
The lighting gets better as the day wears on, with the sun even making a brief appearance (between thunder claps anyway). Our initial plan was to hike up and complete the upper, semi-technical narrows of the canyon, but between the low water levels, travel time by boat, short days, crappy weather and a brief pause to watch a a few re-runs of Fraggle Rock we've run out of time.
On the return trip, we forgo the high level bypass and gear up for the narrows. Here's Steph taking her pack for a walk using her patented Pink Floaty Toy .

Pink Floaty Toy - Extreme situations call for extreme gear. Whether bustin' a move through a gnarly slot or surfing the white water on a radical white knuckled adventure, Pink Floaty Toy handles the toughest situations with aplomb. Patented lighter than water hydrophobic design, oblong hydrodynamic construction, and rugged sure-grip tow rope all act to give Pink Floaty Toy it's X-treme handling characteristics. Bitchin' seahorsey graphics complete the rad package. Pink Floaty Toy , we got your back .... to the max!

Pink Floaty Toy and Killa' Pink Floaty Toy Corp are registered trademarks of Todd's Desert Hiking Guide. All rights reserved.

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