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Trip Report: Spring Break '05 (page 4)
All photos by Todd unless otherwise noted.

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Participants: Tom J, Tom G, Tom W, Aaron, Megan, Todd & Steph
The group uses something akin to teamwork, only different, to get everyone up a short falls.
Scouting ahead I report back that the next watery passage is knee deep and, for the last time of the trip, the team chooses to believe what I say. Those in the back take a lesson from the first ones through and don wet suits.
And now, a gap in this most excellent photo record. The best part of this trip involved a little side canyon with deep twisty narrows and many climbing, scrambling and chimneying challenges. I left my camera and pack at the entrance since they just would have gotten in the way. The passage was also pitch black in places, so the photos would have looked a lot like a black cat on a dark night, so to speak. Here's a little water slide instead.
The day ends with a long boat ride back to the marina where the dock personnel commend us on the immaculate condition of our shiny propeller .... "Uhhh, why yes, thank you, we're quite nautical, possessing of mad skills and whatnot, actually I think one of the Toms is of seafaring stock, quite the Magellan of the Powell Reservoir if you will." 
Ah, the best laid plans. The itinerary for the following day was to carry inflatable rafts down Waterholes Canyon, complete the 'big rap' then float to Lee's Ferry. Unfortunately the day dawns to violent rain squalls and high winds, so we amend our plans and make for Badger Canyon in the Marble Canyon area of the Grand Canyon. As they say: 'Discretion is the better part of valor' or better yet as Mark Twain put it: 'The human race is a race of cowards; and I am not only marching in that procession but carrying a banner', or how about this one: 'If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs, then it's possible that you don't fully understand the situation.'
A few raps, some nice, if moderate, narrows and, best of all, no icy claw of terror clutching at my heart.
We make it to the Colorado River which is running clear and cold.
Having fixed ropes on the way in, we utilize the preferred method of cavers and jug back up on the return.
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