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Trip Report: Spring Break '05 (page 3)
All photos by Todd unless otherwise noted.

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Participants: Tom J, Tom G, Tom W, Aaron, Megan, Todd & Steph
We arrive back at the boat shortly before sunset and attempt to venture off in search of a camping spot for the evening. Here, our lack of nautical understanding begins to bubble to the surface. We push off only to find the engine won't start. Maybe time to read the manual. Unfortunately the manual doesn't have much in the way of useful advice for docking the craft in shallow water and shortly after setting off we shear off one of the propeller blades and damage the rest trying to pull up onto a beach, resulting in at least one wag breaking out into the theme from Gilligan's Island. Meanwhile, I surreptitiously assess which of the group appears tastiest should the need arise.
Hold on now, I know what your saying! Save your outrage, there's no need to get your knickers in a twist! Leading experts agree, cannibalism is ok as long as you eat a friend. 
Tom W and Tom G set off in the damaged craft in an attempt to make it to Dangling Rope Marina for repairs. Meanwhile, with nothing better to occupy our time, Tom J and Todd go for a little hike along the cliffs.
Our rescuers return at noon with new prop and we're saved! With half a day shot, the crew decides to motor up to the famed Cathedral in the Desert which, due to low water levels, has fully revealed itself for the first time in years.
This is the alcove we pulled our boat into. Not long after this photo was taken another speedboat and a houseboat joined the parking lot.
So here's the Cathedral, not sure what all the fuss is about, unless you're into the glowing sandstone wall, beautiful scenery type of thing. Here's a desktop background you can use for your computer if you're so inclined.
We depart and manage to not break the prop pulling onto a beach for the night. The next day we set off for yet another Cathedral (this time Cathedral Canyon) that supposedly has some nice narrows. The water is as smooth as glass as we wind our way up canyon.
Some nice narrows greet us upon our arrival.
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